To my brothers and sisters. Some day soon, we will all be together. May the blessings from the Great Heart always be with you, wherever you are.

In the beginning we were stars.

Our love was such that if a human heart ever felt even a small fraction of it, it would explode into million particles blown to the farthest reaches of the Universe. We were One, vibrating in complete harmony of unspeakable Love.

Then we became flesh. We became the Warriors of Infinity, for this was our calling. We were to bring light into darkness and to infuse dense matter with infinite possibilities. Our eyes were clear mirrors of infinity and our hearts were like cosmic flowers of pure harmonic vibrations, yet unclouded by earthly memories. We knew no limitations, for we could not fail.

And so we set on our separate paths. But before parting ways, we made a vow. If one of us were to ever forget, the other would come. Through light-years, through convoluted multidimensional labyrinths of time and space, our hearts would find the way to each other. For our love for each other was the love of the stars.

We have lived a thousand lives. We have died a thousand deaths. We have cried. We have fought. We have given birth and we have taken lives. We have bled and we have spilled blood. We have lived a thousand lives, and a point came when as far as we could remember, we were flesh. The light that we once were had receded, had become a memory, a distant star, something we raised our eyes to in vague longing, not quite knowing why.

But you kept your promise, and you came for me. I didn't think I knew you. But your eyes were clear mirrors of infinity, and your heart was like a flower of pure cosmic vibrations. And when I looked into your eyes, my heart exploded into millions of particles that traveled to the farthest reaches of the Universe… and in a flash, I knew.

For nothing compares with our love. It is the love of the stars.

We are the Warriors of Infinity. We meet and we part. But wherever we are, the One Great Heart beats in our chests. We are never alone. We are never apart. Through all beginnings and endings, meetings and partings, our Love keeps us on the path, for Love is what we are.


Warriors of Infinity
Warriors of Infinity



Erana was a character in Quest for Glory, a computer game I was absolutely addicted to some years ago. She was a powerful magician, half fairy, half human. She died in the battle with evil forces, but her spirit lived on and protected the hero (me :-) on his perilous quest. These days, I play my Quest for Glory in the real, rather than cyber, space, but the image of Erana stayed with me. I drew her like she is depicted in the game, holding a glowing sphere.





This drawing emerged out of a vision I had after visiting Whitewater Falls in North Carolina. But when I started putting it on paper, it quickly escaped from me, practically drawing itself. I went along. Now the title didn't fit. My vision was about the Ancient Ones, but the energy of the drawing was now different. And then it came, through an email exchange with a dear friend. It reminded me of a conversation with Meg's wise Connemara pony, King, back in June. Here are his words:

Listen to us. We have the magic of this world. This world is all magical. You only pick out the disparate occurrences, but we live in the current itself. We are the Keepers. You are the Saviors. Saviors and Keepers, we are together. We need to stay close. Life itself depends on us. We struggle, but we don't fight. We are the way of Peace and Harmony. We are the Light Keepers. We carry the light at the tip of our sword. But we are Peace. Go now. I have said what you needed to know.


The Keepers



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