horse feet on a welcome mat


What can you teach with clicker training?

Clicker training is a positive, creative, relaxed, and constructive approach to teaching your horse, well, just about anything.



investigating unfamiliar object   work in hand   Fox in-hand  
   Investigating unusual objects                                    Fun ground work for improved balance                 

lining up to the mounting block
  standing on the mat  Arrow trotting  miniature horse learning guide work
Lining up at the mounting block          Ground tying                   Learning new gaits                     Learning guide work   


Safety comes first. Clicker training offers the tools for addressing and resolving behavioral issues and training problems in a way that is safe and least stressful for both you and your horse.

tounching a scary object     accepting fly spray     voluntarily taking the bit     preparation for mounting
Overcoming fear of scary objects              Accepting fly spray                      Bridling himself      Learning to accept a rider


Ogeechee and Tanya

Relationship is a necessary foundation for successful learning. If this is a problem area between you and your horse, clicker training provides a clear line of communication within a paradigm of open and generous relationship of mutual respect and trust.

From picking up feet to trailer loading to self-carriage under saddle, knowledge of clicker training gives you practical tools to teach your horse whatever you want to teach him. It empowers you to be your horse's trainer, partner and friend to the fullest extent.


picking up feet picking up keys riding with voluntary collection
Picking up feet with balance and relaxation                  Learning to retrieve objects                       Voluntary self-carriage

Just for fun!

picking up a hula hoop wearing a hula hoop horse doing a cat stretch giving a kiss
                Wearing a hula-hoop                                        Cat stretch                                            Horsey love



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