Clicker Training and More

The Clicker Center - Alexandra Kurland. The place to purchase Alexandra's books and DVDs. The website contains an introductory guide for beginner clicker trainers, an extensive newsletter archive of great articles, and stories and insights shared by Alexandra's students.

Equine Clicker Training - Katie Bartlett. Thorough and thoughtful, this website has a plethora of well-researched and clearly written articles. A great resource for a serious clicker trainer.

Zen Horsemanship - Dolores Arste. Clicker training articles, videos, resources.

Equine clicker magic - Debra Olson Daniels. A gifted clicker trainer and therapist, Debra shares her heartful approach to equine clicker training and the inspiring story of her beloved and extraordinary equine companion, Magic.

Equine Revelation - Sola Wolff. Beautiful inside and out describes both Sola's website and her work with equines, including her beloved mules. If you live in Seattle area, you will love studying with this creative trainer who is ever expanding her horizons. She is a Tag teacher, too!

Equi-Libre Horses - Jo Hughes, a UK clicker trainer and Classical Equitation instructor, shares her philosophy and practice in articles and videos.

Clicker Training - Karen Pryor. An extensive resource for clicker training of various species of animals by the renowned founder of clicker training.

TagTeach - Clicker training works wonders for people, too! Learn how positive reinforcement with a marker signal applies to teaching athletes, dancers, and people with special needs.


Find a Clicker Trainer Near You - search a list of equine clicker trainers in the US and other countries. Created and maintained by Katie Bartlett.


Natural Hoof Care - Pete Ramey. One of the pioneers of Natural Hoof Care, Pete Ramey shares his expertise in a way that a non-farrier can understand. Pete's articles, book, and DVDs available through his website reflect his knowledge and tireless research on functional physiology of the horse's foot and a trimming technique that promotes long-term soundness. - Todd Jaynes.


Chiropractic - Dr. Lance Cleveland. Dr. Cleveland provides chiropractic services for horses nation-wide.


Miscellaneous - your guide to equine nutrition - Natural Balance Dentistry - Equine Studies Institute, Dr. Deb Bennett - Equine health and nutrition

Tai Chi for Equestrians - James Shaw implements the ancient art
                            of Tai Chi to train riders "from the inside out"

Georgia Equine Rescue League - helping horses in need find new homes and better life




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