I am here.

I am doing my part.

With utmost gratitude and humility, I thank those who went before me and those who are walking with me. I love you, brothers and sisters, my teachers and dear companions.

And to You, I extend the innermost and outermost reaches of my being. Like a launched arrow, I am on my course.

Up, always up.

To my beloved brother -
Thank you for showing me: There are no limitations.
Blessings be to you for your noble service.

From the heart, and timeless indeed.



by the river


Stand by the river
See how the river flows
It cannot be caught, by net or by hand
It is nameless, for only its banks have a name
Forget your name and become a river

Stand by the grass
See how the grass grows
It doesn't know the word "love"
But the love of the grass
Is not smaller than your love
Forget of the words and become the grass

Boris Grebenschikov
translation from Russian mine - T.K.



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