A Horse Person's Guide to en-Click-enment


In the Reality Workshop of life, we horse people have chosen a challenging and exciting task. We are involved in co-creation with another sentient species, the horse, a being whose beauty, power, and wisdom inspired humanity to look deeper into its own soul since times immemorial. Today, when we are called to restore our home planet’s harmony that we had put in peril, horses are our link to the living Earth and our guides to the expanding horizons of human consciousness. Modern behavioral science brought a new tool kit to our corner of Reality Workshop: clicker training. It has the power tools that give form to compassion, communication, kindness, and reciprocity in the reality we create within ourselves and share with our horses and the world. I invite you to explore equine clicker training, the art and science of saying “Yes!” to your horse and the world around you. Let’s use the precious Now to create the reality that will nurture and uplift the world of Tomorrow.





















hafiz tomb

I rarely let the word "No" escape
From my mouth

Because it is so plain to my soul

That God has shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
To every luminous movement in Existence.

- Hafiz